Thank you for your interest in Paradox Grip

Why so much fuss for sandpaper? Isn't grip, just grip? Well, we thought that griptape could be brought into the 21st century with some innovation, ingenuity, and an immense amount of hard work. What we present to you today was developed over many years of research through actually skating each change to our formula. Simply put, our griptape lasts the longest due to our unique construction that properly flexes with the board. When that occurs, the grit does not shed off, and the griptape lasts longer. We have many other qualities that make Paradox Grip unique listed below. Love wins.

How do we make it last so long?

Porous Flexible Liner

Dynamic Grit Blend

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

More reasons to love Paradox

Recyclable Box

Social Enterprise

Skater Owned


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The flexible liner
flexes with the board.
Its porous nature
never gets bubbles.

Alex Perelson
Anakin Senn
Ben Hatchell

Two different size
silicon carbide grits
creates surface tension.

Brandon Perelson
Brandon Turner
Chris Senn

Pressure sensitive
glue allows you to
restick misplaced grip.

Conner Champion
Connor Getzlaff
Dan Murphy

No colors • No plastics
No fillers • No dyes
Most recyclable box

Enzo Cautela
Jake Brown
Joel Meinholz

Percentage given to
under privileged kids to be able to skate.

Jono Schwan
Josh Baldwin
Madars Apse

Co-owned by legends
Peter Smolik and
Jake Brown.

Pat Duffy
Peter Smolik
Toby Ryan

An ancient Chinese
formula that may
increase performance.

Tyler Surrey
Wes Kremer