I’m not by any means the best skateboarder out there. But I do know what I can do, and how well I can do it. This gave me sort of a benchmark in my head to determine if the physics behind Paradox Grip were true or just a Paradox.


After gripping a fresh board with a sheet of Paradox, I headed out to the local park to give it a test. Between dodging moms and kids on scooters, I was able to do all of my normal tricks either first or second try, even with a new board. Were the physics really working? Was it just a placebo? I really have no idea, but I’m sure not complaining!

I’m very choosy about my grip tape. I’ll skate any kind of wheels, boards, and trucks, but I normally don’t put anything on my board that isn’t my grip of choice. I’ll buy a board at one shop, and drive to the next shop if they don’t carry that grip. I’ve been faithfully riding the same kind of grip for years now.

But after skating a sheet of Paradox, I realized that those years of dedication would soon come to an end. If you’re not a believer of the physics side of Paradox, you can still appreciate the perfect amount of grip that it has. It’s not over-grippy to the point where you can barely move your feet without destroying your shoes, but it’s definitely not some slippery feeling grip. Paradox has found the perfect balance within their grip level. While other grip tape starts out super grippy and eventually become about half as grippy is it originally was, Paradox maintained its same amount of grip throughout the life of the board. -Stephen Oliveira